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Real Tree Leaf Fashion Accessories: Vegan-Friendly Wallets, Bags and Stationery


Thamon specialises IN Vegan friedly fashion accessories and jewellery made with leaf leather and real flowers.


SS18 FEatured products

Glossy Card Wallet

6-card section wallet with a banknote compartment and 2 hidden extra card pockets made from sal tree leaves. Leaves are coated with glossy vegan-friendly water-resistant resin for durability. 


  • 11 cm x 9.6 cm

  • For 6+ cards

  • For flat bills

  • Glossy finish

Advanced Notebook & Cover

A5 notebook cover with lined paper filler made with real tree leaves and artificial leather, coated in a water-resistant resin for durability. The cover has 3 card sections and closes securely with a short handle. It also has an elastic band for carrying a pen or a pencil.


  • 16.5 x 22.5 cm; A5 size fillers

  • Lined paper filler

  • 3 card slots

  • Flap closure

  • Elastic band for a pen or a pencil

Purse Wallet

Zip around wallet made with sal, banana and birch. Materials coated with vegan-friendly, water-resistant resin for durability. Zipper closure, several cash slots for a slim, secure design. Wallet's sides are backed with protective frame. Suitable to store money, a smartphone, travel documents. 


  • 19.9 x 10.1 x 2.7 cm
  • 12+ cards
  • 1 coin compartment with a zipper
  • One flat pocket for documents / tickets / bills