In Buddhist scriptures “Thamon” means “of pure and unspoilt nature”. It also means "Bushes" in Greek. Inspired by the meaning, Thamon London is an eco-design company developing pure fashion accessories from real tree leaves. In 2013 with the help of UEA Norwich we’ve designed the technology of preserving leaves of plants into fibre sheets, suitable for making wallets and bags.



The Leaf Fabric designed by Thamon London is a natural material based on sustainably sourced tree leaves. Due to its nature and the production process, the Leaf Fabric has unlimited textures and patterns variations. Please note that this also means each item is sublimely unique and is going to be slightly different every time you get it. 



Unlike leather the materials produced by Thamon London are 100% cruelty free. The leaves and the wood fiber are responsibly sourced for the production. No toxic treatments or dyes are applied. Our work provides income to the communities involved in the harvest of the raw materials. We supply to the UK charity shops.