Dear friend,

We think that making leather sucks. It is one of the oldest known materials on the planet, yet it seems like there is a general lack of effort to come up with something less cruel yet as durable without raising and killing an animal for it.

Humanity clings to traditional methods of doing things for generations, centuries, even millennia. Does it mean that these methods are right? Do we need to change something?

If you think we do, bring your voice into our choir. We at Thamon started a little hashtag campaign on our Instagram page preaching one simple thing: leaves instead of leather.

It is not about our leaf material being better. We appreciate any and all leather alternatives like our own. It is about encouragement for a change.

So, it's the new against the old in very simple terms. If you agree with us and would like to join, simply take a cool shot of your Thamon wallet or bag, write about your inspiration for a change in the world and add #leavesnotleather


Even if it doesn't change the world order, it can raise the world's awareness of what you and us are fighting for. There is always the first step in everything.

Below are the posts from us and people like your kind self. Thank you for reading this and hope to see you by our side.


Thamon team.