THAMON products are designed with sustainability and ethics in mind. Our products are durable with reasonable wear and tear. Please keep in mind, leaf fibre is not like leather in terms of strength and wear properties. It's an entirely different material. Please use reasonably, don't over expand and fold over to keep the fresh new look. There is no need for special treatment or care products.

Our core materials are innovative and unique, which means they have particular traits, which shall not be considered faults:

  • Each item has a unique assembly process and will vary from the images both in colour and in pattern
  • Some items might have small spots of white colour in the gaps between the leaves due to the production process
  • Small bubbles of air could possibly be trapped under the coating as the production is handmade

Our collections are produced in a way to maximise the lifespan of every item and offer practical, minimal designs. As our products are not made with leather or other widely used leather imitations, we would kindly ask our customers to pay attention to the following care recommendations:

  • Don't open the bags and backpacks too wide to avoid creases
  • Don't open the wallets wider than 180 degrees to avoid creases
  • Wipe the products dry after exposing to moisture