Glossy Card Wallet

Glossy Card Wallet

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6-card section wallet with a cash compartment and 2 hidden extra card pockets made from sal tree leaves. Wallet allows to use contactless payment cards and travel cards through the surface, without taking them out. Leaves are coated with glossy vegan-friendly water-resistant coating for durability. Leaf material makes the accessory thinner and lighter than leather analogues. Every pattern is unique. A perfect unusual gift with versatile functions. This product is an ideal present to a vegan or vegetarian as it it is 100% cruelty free and vegan-friendly.


  • Sal leaf material
  • Glossy finish

  • 11 cm x 9.6cm

  • 6-14+ cards

  • Flat bills

  • Works with contactless

  • Vegetable dyed leaves

  • Water-resistant

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To produce this item, Thamon uses sustainably sourced leaves of sal tree growing in India. Sal leaves reach up to 25cm and grow on a wooden stem, thus creating stunning patterns for ethical fashion accessories. All our materials are treated without toxic components to make them resistant to water and physical damage. 15% of revenues  of Thamon go directly to the leaf harvesters in poor rural areas of South Asia.