Lotus Clutch

Lotus Clutch

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A magnet flap clutch made out of leaves of lotus. Leaf fibre is laminated with a polymer and applied on artificial leather lining for durability. Fits the size of an iPad Mini. Edges reinforced with handmade "blanket stitching". This product is an ideal present to a vegan or vegetarian as it it is 100% cruelty free and vegan-friendly.


  • Lotus flower leaves

  • 23 x 16 cm or 26 x 20.5 cm

  • Suitable for iPad or other tablets

  • Handmade”blanket” stitching rims

  • Closes on magnets

  • Mixed leaves’ colour, flower marks

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Lotus is a lily with white or purple flower and floating leaves reaching 20 cm in diameter. Lotus flowers have sacred meaning both in Buddhist and Hindu cultures. Thamon sources lotus leaves from special farms, cultivating lotus flowers for the Buddhist temples in South Asia. Its leaves are carefully dried and dyed in individual complementing colours, to give a diverse feel to the earthy tones of lotus fashion accessories. All our materials are treated without toxic components to make them resistant to water and physical damage. 15% of revenues  of Thamon go directly to the leaf harvesters in poor rural areas of South Asia.